This initiative was taken by the powerful prime minister of India Mr. Narendra Modi was “Make in India” for stopping the high use of Chinese products in India. This initiative helps to provide jobs to those who are unemployed. This initiative has a motto of creating jobs rather than job seeking. Modi g is working hard for the development of the country and provide a good future development for young. People must have to support him for a useful change in India.

India the country with people of different religions.India is the place where a slogan is famous Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, Isai apas me sab Bhai Bhai.According to History India is also known as “Golden Bird”(sone ki Chidia).India comes in continent Asia.India has the world’s second highest population size of 1,345,888,204.India is also emerging as a leader.India’s Honourable prime minister “Shri.Narendra Modi” working hard for the future development of the country and providing great initiatives like “Make in India”,”Swachh Bharat Abhiyan”,”Jan Dhan Yojna”,”One rank one pension”,”Smart city Yojna”,”Beti Bachao Beti Padhao”,”Food safety and standards scheme”,”Income tax declaration scheme”.There are around 96 schemes which are currently running.Narendra Modi g is working hard for the upliftment of the country.Narendra Modi g is having a better vision for the future of India.They are also working hard to provide good facilities to those people who come under BPL(below poverty line).


India the land full of beautiful landscapes tombs, old monuments for tourist.India has the beautiful monument “Taj Mahal” in Agra which comes in seven wonders of the world.Taj Mahal was built by “Shahjahan” in the loving memory of his wife “Mumtaz”.Taj Mahal was built with white marble.Those labors who built the Taj Mahal, their hands were cut down because of not duplicating the monument.At the back of Taj Mahal, there is river bank of Yamuna river. India has the famous tomb of “Qutub Minar”.It is made of red sandstone.It is so tall having the height of 73metres (240 feet).It is made by “Qutub-Ud-din Aibak” and constructed by “Iltutmish”.India has the famous monument ” Red Fort” which is famous for its beautiful architecture and made up of red sandstone.

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