The Happy New Year day is celebrated on 1st January 2018. The Happy New Year means welcoming of the upcoming year and left the past year. This day is celebrated at a high level in all countries all over the world. we celebrate the new year day with lots of enjoyment, treats, parties, etc. we left those bad habits, bad thinking, bad notions, bad feelings, bad memories, etc. the new year is the year which helps to take resolution for our welfare by making our positive nature, positive vibes, positive attitude, positive thinking, positive behavior, etc.
We pray to God to bring happiness in the new year and better year than the last year. We hope that the upcoming year will complete our wants and dreams like of buying a car, bike, home, etc. We greet all of our friends by wishing them “HAPPY NEW YEAR”. We do a lot of wishes to get complete in the new year. We wish happy new year to our friends, teachers, elders, parents, natives, neighbors by the use of interactive media like facebook, messages, WhatsApp messages in gif animation form or any written form of wishes and also can send them new year greetings.

The parties are arranged at the high level to accommodate the lots of people. The parties are arranged in pubs, lawns, halls, restaurants, hotels, home parties as well. We hope for our success in all our work in 2018 like students wish to have excellent grades in the exams, teenager wishes to complete their dreams, etc. We leave the sorrows, pain and sad moments behind and welcome the upcoming new year with positive nature.
The new year is celebrated with lots of love, wishes, hopes, no intentions, positive attitude. The new year helps to take the change in our bad habits and helps to change those habits in a very good positive habits with the good use of our thinking. We also have to wish happy new year to poor, needy children by giving them gifts or any useful thing they need in the form of new year gift.
I wish everyone a very “HAPPY NEW YEAR 2018” with lots of warm wishes and achieve their goals and dreams.

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