The Lohri festival is celebrated on 13th January 2018. This festival is celebrated during the winter season by Punjabi with a great excitement. This festival is usually celebrated by everyone but mostly in northern part of India during winter on 13th January. The festival of Lohri is celebrated by burning woods as worship of the god of fire. The Punjabis dance on the drum beats. The Lohri is celebrated with great enthusiasm, excitement, enjoyment by doing the bhangra, dance, singing folk songs, etc.

The Lohri is celebrated at night or mid-night by worship Agni(fire) and people loves to eat popcorn, groundnut, etc. The Lohri festival is amazing as fire or any hot source is required in the winter season to protect from cold in winter. On this festival, high flames of fire erupt from woods which are burnt by people to celebrate this day. Neighbours, relatives, friends, families join to celebrate the festival of Lohri. The Indian festivals are usually celebrated to make a flow of love, interaction, meet each other and forms relation between them. The festival is providing a way to meet that’s because an important way to celebrate and meet with the guests. The Lohri festival provides the medium to do talk to each other by sitting in front of the fire and get hotness in winter.
The Lohri is celebrated before “Makar Sankranti”. The Lohri festival is must be celebrated carefully because to prevent from burning or any harm by catching fire on trees, animals, humans, etc. we have to protect the environment by celebrating these types of festivals. Protection is just as warm clothes, non-flammable clothes must necessary to wear. These festivals provide enjoyment which must have limited or bound because some people celebrate these festivals late night and disturb people due to noise from music systems. These festivals must be celebrated carefully and the public must require to being aware of how to carefully celebrate festivals.
I wish everyone a very HAPPY LOHRI so must celebrate the festival carefully to protect each and everyone from any child especially child because they used to play with these but they don’t know how could they get harmed from the fire.

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