It is a national festival and given gazetted holiday in India in all government and private offices. On this day, the constitution of India has been established and came into force by which India became a democratic and republic country. This day is celebrated at a very high level in Delhi. The republic day is necessary because the constitution of India provides rights to all the citizens of India which acts as a big part of India to give equal and proper rights to all Indians.


The president of India give the salute to Indian flag and chief guest from different countries are invited. The republic day is celebrated in delhi. The marching of parades by soldiers with armed guns, tanks, trucks, bikes etc. has been done extremely great well by Indian soldiers. This day seems to be amazing with an amazing spirit, enthusiasm by soldiers at Janpath. The young, adult and children are really very excited to see the marching parade by soldiers because this day is celebrated once every year and armed vehicles has been seeming to be amazing for children like tanks, guns, missiles, planes, choppers, etc. school students were given training by which they participate in programmes like parades, states dance performance, marchpast, etc. activities. The planes create the flag formation of India by colors in the sky which appears to be so amazing, beautiful scene, etc and other performance, stunts have been done by aircrafts and helicopters of the Indian army. Some stunts are highly risky which is done by army. The Jhankis or tableau of every state of India which is decorated highly according to state dresses, dance performance, traditions as well. The march past is done by the army on horses, BSF contingent on the camel.

On this day, the checking is high because to prevent any terrorist activity or prevent from any bomb blast by terrorists. The police will do extreme checking by which reduce the risk of any terror activity and security is high.

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