holi (2nd march 2018)



Holi is the festival of “Hindus” which is celebrated every year with great excitement, enthusiasm, enjoyment all over India and announced as the holiday of all government and private offices. These festivals are important in India for enjoyment and employees, colleagues enjoy these holidays for enjoyment, tour, rest, reunion with college mates, classmates, and friends. the festival of Holi is celebrated by people coloring each other with “GULAL” and special drinks and sweets made with BHANG which is intoxicated and celebrate the festival of Holi.


this day is celebrated with great positive energy and excitement. the special sweet is prepared named “GUNJIYA” and people used to eat fast foods on these festivals. The young and old everyone used to celebrate this festival by applying “Gulal” on the face and targeting balloon filled with colored water and children used to target each other with water filled in “pichkaris” (water gun). the people enjoy this festival in lovingly mood and a friendship nature and spread love, friendship i.e. the beauty of the festivals in India.
Holi is celebrated across India with the great interaction, love, brotherhood, etc. Holi is the festival when friends, elders meet each other by enjoying by applying colors on face, it promotes love, attraction and interaction between them. The Holi is celebrated in all states pf India with diverse ways:

In Barsana and Brijbhoomi the Holi is played with shields and sticks, Women’s beat men with sticks and men used to protect himself with the shield. This type of Holi celebration is unique as following the old-tradition which is interesting, exciting, entertaining.

In NCR areas like Delhi, Gurgaon, and Noida, there are shows organized where celebrities and singers come and create an enthralling, excited, fun environment which is full enjoyment and value for money because people used to enjoy by dance, water, and color spreading everywhere seems to be enthralling and eye-catching.

In parts of Vrindavan and Mathura, people used to play Holi with flowers, their tourist enjoy the beauty of Holi festival which is a real beauty and prevents from any skin problem, as color nowadays can be made synthetic which are harmful and causes skin diseases.

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