god friday

Good Friday is the day which is celebrated by Christians for marking the death of Jesus Christ on this day. The Jesus Christ was crucified on the cross. Jesus Christ was sentenced to death after betrayed from JUDAS. Good Friday is announced as the gazetted holiday in India. Christians used to do fast and leave eating meat on this day. This day realizes us the sacrifice, pain, hard work, suffering in the life of Jesus Christ. People of every religion must visit the church and realize what sacrifices done by the Jesus Christ.

Good Friday is the celebrated by doing long time prayers, meetings parades by the Christians. People used to visit churches on this day because the decorum maintained in churches is so heart-touching and the silence and the quiet atmosphere feels the most impressive as it touches the soul. Good Friday is the day which realizes the repentance of Jesus. Good Friday is the day of mourning for Christians. Good Friday is usually the festival of Christians but in India, there is the secularism which is followed and means that people from any religion can go, visit the religious temples, churches, mosque, places, etc. there is no objection in India to visit churches on this day for people of any religion.
Good Friday is the day of mourn, sorrow and sad day. On this day, the priest wears the black dress and there are no decorations inside and outside the church because everyone will try to understand the value of that redemption which is won by the Jesus Christ but that value can never be calculated. On this day, meditative services are also provided by the church all around the world.

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