Baisakhi is the festival which is celebrated on every 13th march every year in the northern parts of India, especially by the Sikhs. Baisakhi is having the great importance of celebrating this festival in Punjab and its nearby areas where the harvest festival is celebrated and it’s also a religious festival. Baisakhi is the festival which marks the beginning of the new year all over the country with different names. On this day, the tenth guru of Sikhs – Guru Gobind Singh- provide a name to Sikhs i.e. “KHALSA” which means “PURE”. He had done this to establish that all humans are equal and eliminated or removes the differences between the higher and the lower caste people.

In Punjab, the festival of Baisakhi is celebrated at a huge level and extent. People visit the GURUDWARAS especially “THE GOLDEN TEMPLE” located in the city of Amritsar. The HOLY GRANTH is read at Gurudwaras. The rallies are organized in which Sikhs show their skills by fighting with the sword, etc. activities are performed on this festival. Sikhs perform their special folk dances- BHANGRA and GIDDA. Sikhs loudly speak the quote “BOLE SO NIHAL SAT SRI AKAL”. The prayer, kirtans are organized at gurudwaras on this day.
Sikhs having the 5 common things with them i.e. 5 kakke or 5 K’s
• KESH (hairs) – They have long hairs.
• KANGA (comb) – They keep the comb with them.
• KIRPAN (sword) – They keep the sword with them for security purpose.
• KARA (steel bangle) – they keep kara on their wrist which realizes the bond with the god.
• KACHHERA (cotton underwear) – they wear kachhera as assign of the soldier.

Baisakhi festival is celebrated by huge fairs(melas) which are popular in Punjab. People from different countries and also from different states come to enjoy the beauty of the events on the festival of Baisakhi. There are many activities performed at the fairs or events that are bhangra &gidda, fighting with swords, singing religious songs, wrestling bout, etc. activities are performed to entertain the people who visit there.
Baisakhi festival will emerge great from the stalls where the shopping can be done having the items like toys, handicraft, bangles, anklets, trinkets, etc.
The Punjabis have the great wideness of recipes from starters to dessert. Each recipe is having the unique taste and is so much more delicious. The Baisakhi festival is famous for the recipes which are prepared on this day are
CHOLEY BHATURE: – The Chole Bhature is a Punjabi recipe which is really tasty, delicious, lip-smacking and spicy dish. Chole Bhature is served with Chole(chickpeas, Bhature(fried bread made of flour), onions, pickles and tastier lassi which is complete breakfast or lunch to consume this dish.

DRY FRUIT KHEER: – The kheer is the traditional Indian sweet dish. It is made from boiled rice, milk with dry fruits like resin, almonds, cashew, saffron, etc. kheer is served as dessert in all festivals.

MAKKI KI ROTI AND SARSON KA SAAG: – Makki ki roti is the famous and special dish of Punjab which is served with tasty Sarson ka Saag. Makki ki roti made from the cornflour and saag made from mustard which makes the perfect combination of food during breakfast because it is heavy food. This dish is especially loved by people of northern parts of India.

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